Measures in Effect for Nunavik

In an approach to living with COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses, it is recommended to respect the guidelines to limit the transmission of respiratory viruses.

Consult the following 2 pages for more information:




Public Settings
Measures in Effect


General Measures

  • Hybrid mode, if applicable.
  • Each employer can decide to request the use of masks for employees in the workplaces.
  • Workers experiencing symptoms or who have tested positive must follow MSSS recommendations to limit the transmission of an infectious respiratory illness.

Note to employers: It is not recommended to request medical certificates for those who are absent due to symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or other infectious respiratory illnesses, to avoid overloading health centres.

Health Establishments (CLSC/Nursing Station)


Masks are mandatory

Elders Homes


Measures differ depending on whether there is an outbreak in the facility. Additional measures may apply.

Informal caregivers and visitors must:

  • Comply with basic health instructions
  • Wear a medical procedural mask in accordance with current guidelines upon arrival to the facility
  • Respect physical distancing of 2m at all times
  • Not visit a loved one if feeling sick.

An informal caregiver or visitor may visit more than once during the same day.