Health Portraits & Health Surveys

This section presents data on the Nunavik population’s demographic conditions, particularly on the population and fertility rates, as well as socioeconomic conditions: family, education, employment, income and food security. This information is pertinent in regional decision making as much in health and social services as in other sectors as well as for the Nunavik population when it comes to improving the state of health and well-being.

Health Surveys
Health Profiles
Research in Environmental Health, Nutrition and Contaminants
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Health Surveys

Topics under Qanuippitaa 2004

Nunavik Inuit Health Survey 2004
Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling among the Inuit of Nunavik: Epidemiological Profile
Iron Deficiency and Anemia among Women in Nunavik
Status of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes in Nunavik
Exposure to Environmental Contaminants in Nunavik: Metals
Hearing Loss and Dental Health
Perception of Contaminants, Participating in Hunting and Fishing Activities, and Potential Impacts of Climate Change
Mental Health, Social Support and Community Wellness
Nutrition and Food Consumption among the Inuit of Nunavik
Exposure to Environmental Contaminants in Nunavik: Persistent Organic Pollutants and New Contaminants of Concern
Physical Activity, Anthropometry and Perception of Body Weight
Epidemiological Profile of Physical Violence and Property Offences in Nunavik
Respiratory Health: Frequency of Asthma, Wheezing and Allergies in Inuit Children in Relation to Indoor Air Quality
Prevalence and Nature of Sexual Violence in Nunavik
Sociodemographic Profile
Tobacco Use
Transportation Injuries and Safety
Women’s Health and Preventive Sexual Behaviour among Men and Women
Zoonotic Diseases, Drinking Water and Gastroenteritis in Nunavik: a Brief Profile ®

Health Profiles

Demographic and Sociographic Conditions
Young Children and their Families
Focus on Youth, Adults and Elder's populations
Highlights : Young Children and their Families, Youth, Adults and the Elderly

Research in Environmental Health, Nutrition and Contaminants

Nunavik Child Development Study (NCDS)

Nunavik Child Development Study (NCDS): Summary of Results (2011)
Results from the Nunavik Child Development Study (NCDS): Public Health Implications (2011)

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Omega 3
Alcohol and Tobacco

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Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux - statistics
Profile of the communities (Statistics Canada)
Health profile (Statistics Canada)