Nutrition Month and Traditional Food Day

Discover the power of food

This month is a great occasion to highlight the positive impacts of eating, sharing and enjoying tasty, nutritious food on our health and well-being. It is also the perfect time to celebrate traditional food with Traditional Food Day on March 28.

This page provides ideas and resources to help you and your community to organize activities during Nutrition Month (March) and Traditional Food Day (March 28).

This year’s campaign focusses on discovering the power of food to prevent health problems and fuel, heal and bring us together. Food has the power to improve our well-being and health. Making natural or minimally processed food the basis of our diet is an important step toward better health.

Funding for community events:

A budget of $1000 is offered to each community project in order to organize an event* for Nutrition Month and/or Traditional Food Day. A maximum of two projects per community will be accepted.

Any event* underlining the importance of healthy eating and traditional food is eligible. If you need inspiration, here are some ideas for activities.

* Your organization will be required to cover the expenses related to your event and will be reimbursed upon reception of receipts and the duly completed financial and activity report.

Clarification on eligible expenses:

  • Country-food and healthy store-bought-food purchases are eligible for activities promoting healthy eating habits (food coupons and gift certificates are not eligible).
  • Other eligible expenses may vary and include honorariums for speakers (elders), cooking equipment for cooking activities, etc.

    Who can apply for funding?

    Community groups, health workers, schools, youth centres, etc. can apply. We ask that you work together to avoid duplicate activities.

    How to apply for funding?

    Fill out the Funding application form (as soon as possible and before March 20, 2019) and
    return it by email or by fax to: 

    Amélie Bouchard
    Public Health Nutritionist
    Phone: (819) 964-2222, ext. 255
    Fax:  (819) 964-2711

    Messages for activities or radio:

    Here are some suggestions for messages to promote Nutrition Month (March) and Traditional Food Day (March 28).

    More resources:

    For more information on nutrition, please consult our tools, recipes and factsheets.