Nunavik has two institutions: the Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre, in Kuujjuaq, and the Inuulitsivik Health Centre, in Puvirnituq.

Both health centres pursue several missions. They provide services normally offered by CLSCs (local community service centres), CPEJs (child- and youth-protection centres), CHs (acute-care hospital centres), CHSLDs (extended-care residential hospital centres) and CRJDAs (rehabilitation centres for youths with adjustment difficulties).

The services are available to all community members, at any time and in their own communities whenever possible. Individuals are encouraged to manage their overall health in its many aspects in accordance with the collective values (cultural and traditional) of each community.

Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre
Inuulitsivik Health Centre

CHs (acute-care hospital centres)
CLSCs (local community service centres)
CPEJs (child- and youth-protection centres)
CHSLDs (extended-care residential hospital centres)
CRJDAs (rehabilitation centres for youth with adjustment difficulties)
Community services
Services available in the health centres

Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre (UTHC)

Located in Kuujjuaq, the Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre is responsible for the seven villages along the Ungava Bay coast: Aupaluk, Tasiujaq, Kangirsuk, Kangiqsualujjuaq, Kangiqsujuaq, Kuujjuaq and Quaqtaq.

Inuulitsivik Health Centre (IHC)

Located in Puvirnituq, the Inuulitsivik Health Centre is responsible for the seven villages along the Hudson Bay coast: Akulivik, Inukjuak, Ivujivik, Kuujjuaraapik, Puvirnituq, Salluit and Umiujaq.


The health centres’ objectives are those outlined in the Act respecting health services and social services and to contribute to the community-development process by providing front-line and second-line health and social services of good quality which respond to the needs of the population.

CHs (acute-care hospital centres)

Beds for acute care are available in both health centres. Through this mission, they offer diagnostic services as well as general and specialized medical care. For that purpose, the institutions ensure that the individuals requiring such services receive them, including specialized nursing and psychosocial care.

CLSCs (local community service centres)

The CLSCs offer routine, front-line health and social services, both preventive and curative, as well as physical rehabilitation and social reintegration to the population. For that purpose, the institutions must ensure that the users' needs are assessed and that the required services are offered. The CLSCs also participate in public-health services. There is a CLSC point of service in each community.

CPEJs (child- and youth-protection centres)

The CPEJs offer services to youths under the Youth Protection Act (YPA) and the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). Further, they provide services for child placement and adoption. Such services are offered by the CPEJs of the Inuulitsivik Health Centre and the Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre. The health centres must ensure that the persons requiring these services as well as their families receive them.

CHSLDs (extended-care residential hospital centres)

The health centres offer beds for extended care in both health centres. They offer alternative living environments on a temporary or permanent basis as well as residential, assistance and support services to adults who, due to a functional loss of autonomy, cannot remain in their natural living environment.

CRJDAs (rehabilitation centres for youth with adjustment difficulties)

The regional rehabilitation services are under the administrative authority of the Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre.

The CRJDAs (group homes, resources for clients aged 6 to 12 years and rehabilitation unit) offer social-rehabilitation and -integration services to youths experiencing behavioural, psychosocial or family difficulties. For that purpose, the resources receive young persons through referral. One group home is located in Kuujjuaq (Saturvik) and one in Puvirnituq and a resource for mixed clientele aged 6 to 12 years, on in Kuujjuaq and one in Kuujjuaraapik.

There is also a rehabilitation centre in Salluit that provides services for the entire region for boys aged 12 to 18 and another one in Inukjuak that provides the same services for girls aged 12 to 18. Both facilities accommodate young persons placed in accordance with the Youth Protection Act. They offer an environment that integrates Inuit culture and supports the reintegration of the young persons in the community and the resolution of their problems. Nunavik also has access to a residential resource for young offenders in Montréal (YCJA)

Community Services

The mission of community services is to offer a wide variety of services including prevention and treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration to the population in a manner respectful of Inuit culture. Community services ensure that individuals and families who require services are reached, that their needs are evaluated and that the services offered cover a broad clientele, particularly young families and children. The services are offered at the health centres’ facilities as well as in homes, at school and in the community.

Finally, patient services in Montréal, administered by the Inuulitsivik Health Centre, assume responsibility for Inuit patients transferred to Montréal for care and services not available in the region through the Northern Québec Module (Module du Nord québécois).