Complaint-Review System
Your Rights 
How to Reach the Service-Quality and Complaints Commissioner 

Complaint-Review System

All users of the health and social services network who believe their rights have been infringed on or are dissatisfied with the services received may express their dissatisfaction or file a complaint. 

The complaint-review system is a procedure that ensures: 

  • evaluation and processing of complaints filed by users; 
  • support for users in their complaint-filing proceedings. 

The regional board actively worked at establishing the structure enabling the management and promotion of the complaints system in the region. In collaboration with both institutions, resources have been identified to assist and support Nunavimmiut, as needed, who wish to file complaint with an institution of the region, the regional board or the ombudsman, as well as those whose complaint has been forwarded to the institution’s council of physicians, dentists and pharmacists in accordance with the provisions of section 58. 

Your Rights 

As a user of the health and social services network, you have the following rights: 

  • to be informed: 
    • about the status of your health; 
    • about the care available to you and the effects; 
    • about services available in your area and how to obtain them; 
  • to receive personalized and adequate health and social services that are scientifically, humanly and socially appropriate; 
  • to be informed of all accidents occurring during the provision of services, if these accidents may have consequences on your health; 
  • to choose the professional or institution that will provide the care and services that you need;
  • to be sufficiently informed so as to be able to participate freely in decisions concerning you, for instance, to accept or refuse care or services;
  • to consult your user file, which is confidential;
  • to receive emergency care;
  • to be treated with courtesy, fairness and in a safe manner, as well as with respect for your dignity, autonomy and needs;
  • to receive services in English if English is your first language, as provided for in your region’s access program;
  • to be accompanied, assisted or represented by a person of your choice when need;
  • if you feel your rights have not been respected:
    • to be informed about what you can do;
    • to file a complaint confidentially;
    • to be assisted or accompanied in the procedure. 


For more information, we invite you to visit the MSSS website concerning the health and social services network complaint-review system. The information is only available in French and in English. 

How to Reach the Service-Quality and Complaints Commissioner 

If you have a complaint concerning a community organization,
If you have a complaint concerning services provided by the Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre, please contact: 

Toll-free number: 1 844 UNNILUK (1 844 866-4585)
By telephone:1 819 964-2905, extension 509
By fax:1 819 964-1333

If you have a complaint concerning services provided by the Inuulitsivik Health Centre and the Northern Québec Module, please contact: 

Toll-free number:1 888 988-2669
By telephone:1 819 988-2957, extension 360
By fax:1 819 988-2068