Ground ambulance transport (Out-of-territory)

In addition to health-related transportation applicable within the Nunavik territory, this program offers eligible beneficiaries coverage for emergency ground ambulance services outside Nunavik.

Medical transportation benefits provided by an emergency ground ambulance include only the portion of services not covered by social programs (SAAQ, CNESST) or private insurance plans when available.


  • If an event occurs that requires emergency ambulance transportation, the beneficiary or guardian must provide the carrier with the patient's beneficiary number and health insurance card, so that the carrier can send the bill directly to the Nunavik NIHB Program when applicable.
  • If the carrier sends the bill directly to the beneficiary for payment, the beneficiary or his/her guardian may submit the unpaid portion of the bill by e-mail to the Nunavik NIHB team with pertinent information to facilitate processing.