Community Support

The NRBHSS Community Support team is tasked with (1) supporting and celebrating Nunavimmiut who are organizing to improve health and well-being in their own communities, (2) Providing tools to community members for their grass-roots projects, (3) Promoting the community portraits and the IQI Inuit model of health and well-being, and (4) with supporting the work of the Community Liaison Wellness Workers (CLWWs) as well as the Wellness committees.

Supporting and Celebrating Community-Based Projects
Katutjiqatigiittut Toolbox
Community Portraits (Qanuilirpitaa? 2017)
Supporting Community Liaison Wellness Workers (CLWWs) and Wellness Committees

Supporting Community-Based Projects

  • The most effective health promotion activities are often those that come from the communities themselves—projects that are created by and for communities. In this approach, our role is to assist community members or grassroots organizations during any phase of the planning, implementation, or continuation of their community-based projects.
  • In addition, the Community Support team works to document and celebrate new and existing initiatives throughout the region. Visit the Good News Nunavik Facebook group to join a moderated space for community members to share projects that they are involved in or hear about.
  • Contact us for more information:  

Toolbox for Community-Based Projects  (Katutjiqatigiittut)

  • The Community Support team is currently developing the Katutjiqatigiittut toolbox, which will serve as a place to find useful Nunavik-specific information for community-led work. It will contain new tools developed by the Community Support Team as well existing resources from local organizations.
  • Additionally, a series of workshops and trainings on how to make the most of these tools will be offered to community leaders, youth, students, and health professionals. Please stay tuned for more information on dates and locations.

Community Portraits and IQI (Qanuilirpitaa? 2017)

  • The 2017 Qanuilirpitaa?  health survey led to the creation of the IQI Inuit model of wellbeing and 14 community portraits. These community portraits are booklets highlighting the resources, strengths, and needs in each Northern Village as well as ideas that community members had for their village at the time of the survey, all of which can be helpful when planning a new community project.
  • The Community Support team is also responsible for organising workshops to promote the use of the IQI model and community portraits as tools for community action-planning. The first workshop of this kind was held in Kangiqsualujjuaq in Fall of 2022. Subsequent workshops will take place in the other communities throughout 2023.
  • Visit the public health surveys section of the NRBHSS website to access all the Community portrait reports.

Supporting Community Liaison Wellness Workers (CLWWs) and Wellness Committees

  • The NRBHSS Community Support team also offers support to the CLWWs, as well as to the health centre sub-regional coordinators who work alongside them, with reporting, planning, capacity-building, funding and partnerships.
  • Local CLWWs participate in the development of community-specific prevention and promotion initiatives for the benefit of the 14 communities of Nunavik. They work closely with the community wellness committees and a variety of community partners to mobilize around identified health priorities, as well as the themes laid out in the Wellness Calendar.
  • For more information about the CLWWs/wellness committees or to inquire about collaboration opportunities, please contact