QANUIPPITAA? : National Inuit Health Survey

What is Qanuippitaa? National Inuit Health Survey (QNIHS)?

Qanuippitaa? is a national survey that will be taking place this fall and winter throughout Nunavik. It will collect data on the current health of Inuit of all ages and from all Inuit communities across the country.

  • The focus of the survey will be on the overall health of Inuit, including factors identified as important social determinants of Inuit health such as housing, food security, mental well-being, health services, safety and security, education, income, livelihood, culture and language.
    • NOTE: Unlike the last health survey (Qanuilirpitaa 2017), QNIHS will not include a clinical component OR any community portrait.

When and where will QNIHS take place?

  • Data collection for the Nunavik portion of QANUIPPITAA?: National Inuit Health Survey (QNIHS 2023) is scheduled to begin in
  • Recruiters will begin contacting randomly selected participants a few weeks before the interviewers start arriving.
  • For real-time update on the whereabouts the survey teams, visit our Facebook event.

Who organises Qanuippitaa?

  • Each region assumes the responsibility for the development and implementation of their own portion of the survey. The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services (NRBHSS) is responsible for implementing the survey in Nunavik, in collaboration with Makivvik Corporation.
  • The Surveillance and Planning team (Department of Public Health) is the one in charge of implementing the Nunavik portion of QNIHS 2023. It is their mission to collect and share information about the state of Nunavimmiut overall health.
  • The Nunavik Health Survey Committee is responsible for planning and carrying out the survey project.

Why is QNIHS important?

  • This new Inuit Health survey is part of a bid to decolonize research about Inuit and ensure regional ownership of the collected data.
  • The survey collects reliable, up-to-date information on Nunavimmiut’s health status and their living conditions.
  • The survey results provide insight into the health status of the population and therefore help decision-makers improve community services.

6 Guiding Principles of QNIHS?

  • The QNIHS team has identified six principles to guide all aspects of the design and implementation of the survey program to ensure its consistency with the National Inuit Strategy on Research which aims to uplift Inuit and Inuit communities.
  1. Collaborative
  2. Focussed on Inuit health and social equity
  3. Inuit-determined
  4. Innovative
  5. Strength-based
  6. Rigorous in methods

How will QNIHS work?

  • Starting in October 2023, the QNIHS team will begin touring the communities of Nunavik. We will be on site in each village for a fortnight to complete recruitment and administer the survey to participants.
  • The survey team offers each participant the flexibility to choose a convenient time for the interview and assigns a special identification code, designed to ensure maximum protection of confidential data.
  • What's more, when the questionnaire is completed, each participant leaves with a gift card to reward their contribution!
  • We strongly encourage selected Nunavimmiut to get involved by giving their consent and actively participating! Join us on this QNIHS adventure, because your enthusiasm and your voice are key to this initiative.

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