How is syphilis treated?

If the test for syphilis is positive, what happens next?

  1. Medications will be administered to the patient through injection, by a physician or a nurse, for a total of one to three doses. The patient’s sexual partner(s) must also be treated to prevent reinfection.
  2. Further blood tests will be necessary for the patient during the year following his or her test and subsequent care, perhaps even several years, to ensure the treatments are effective. It is important for the patient to check with the nurse to find out when he or she should return for the next blood test.
  3. The nurse will need to know the names of the patient’s sexual partners in the preceding 3 to 12 months. The nurse will not give the patient’s name to those individuals due to the rules of confidentiality but will ask them to get tested in turn, as they will have been in contact with a partner infected with syphilis. Those sexual partners must be tested and treated to stop the spread of syphilis.

Will sexual relations be possible again after treatment?

It is necessary to wait at least 7 days after treatment before having sexual relations with your partner or someone else.