How is syphilis detected ?

A blood test can detect syphilis infection.

The blood test can be performed at the community’s nursing station. Syphilis testing is part of regular STBBI testing (the quick checkup). It is quick and the results are available within a few days. The reason for the visit, the discussions with the nurse and the test results always remain confidential.

How often should you get tested?

All sexually active individuals should undergo an annual examination for STI screening, even if they use condoms or are in a stable relationship with one partner.

All individuals starting a new relationship should get tested before the start of sexual relations, even though they plan on using condoms.

  • More frequent testing (every three to six months) is indicated for individuals who:
  • have sexual relations without a condom;
  • have sexual relations in a state of intoxication or after having consumed;
  • have several sexual partners, or only one partner who, however, may have another or several sexual partners.

All pregnant women in Nunavik will be offered 4 syphilis screening tests during pregnancy, as well as another test 6 to 8 weeks after delivery.