Regional Human Resources Development

This department was created in 2009 to develop a strong regional leadership to foresee future needs for human resources for the health and social services organizations (the two health centres and the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services) and overcome the multiple recruitment challenges in the Nunavik region.

The department ensures the planning, coordination and evaluation of training programs that meet the needs in terms of service provision in the health and social services network. It contributes to improving personnel-attraction and -retention measures and development of the Inuit succession plan.

The department represents the institutions and the regional board before the MSSS for the purpose of improving northern benefits (incentives, retention premiums, etc.) as well as on various provincial committees on human resources, regional disparities and so forth. It also ensures the necessary representations with the MSSS for the purpose of enhancing benefits for locally hired Inuit employees.

In collaboration with the Executive Management Department, the department supports the efforts to hire, maintain, train and mobilize Inuit personnel toward a sustainable workforce.