Child First Initiative

The Child First Initiative (CFI) was established by the federal government to improve the response to Inuit children’s particular needs in terms of health, social services and education.

The CFI is implemented by the NRBHSS and operated in collaboration with the various Nunavik organizations that manage services for the region with a mission to come together in order to develop long-term approaches that will better meet the needs of Inuit children in a timely and culturally appropriate fashion.

Its primary role is to provide funding that is necessary to enable access to these services when they are not available within a reasonable time period or in case they do not exist.

**We recommend that you consult with the team of professionals available in your area before applying to the CFI.

What is Covered

Each child’s situation is unique. Below are some examples of items covered:

  • Hiring of professionals to ensure appropriate follow-up for children and their families (specialized educators, occupational therapists, etc.);
  • Specialized day programs for children with disabilities;
  • Specialized medical material and supplies;
  • Speech therapy needs;
  • Support for mental health evaluation;
  • Adapted school transportation;
  • Download the CFI Booklet for an exhaustive list.

Who is Eligible

All Inuit children, regardless of their place of residence in Canada, may apply for funding under the Child First Initiative. Children must:

  • Be recognized by an Inuit territorial-claims organization;
  • Not have reached the age of majority as established by their province or territory of residence.

Who Can Apply

The following may submit applications:

  • Parents or guardians responsible for an Inuk child;
  • An Inuk child over the age of 16 years, on behalf of themselves;
  • An authorized representative of the child, parent or guardian (the parent or guardian must give verbal or written consent in such cases).
  • An organization or service provider may apply for a group of children with similar needs.

How to Apply

Individual application:

Fill out and send the form for individual applications to

Group application:

Fill out the registration form for group applications for each type of service and the form for individual applications for each child.

Fill out and send the registration form for group applications to

Include the following documents:

  • Proof that the child is recognized as beneficiary of the JBNQA from Makivik Corporation (child’s N number, parent’s N number, etc.);
  • A summary of the child’s history and specific needs;
  • Medical, academic or social assessments specifying the product, service or support the child needs;
  • A written and signed recommendation from a health or education professional or social intervener detailing the child’s needs and assessment for the service requested;
  • A quote indicating the price of the professional who will provide the service.

Other documents may be required depending on the specifics of the application.

Note: The application form has not yet been translated to Inuktitut. Once an translated version is available, it will be distributed. The documents are currently available in English and French.

Processing Applications

The Regional Contact Point will review and process the completed application. Regardless of the decision, the applicant will be notified in writing.  If approved, the applicant will receive a letter of approval. If denied, the applicant may appeal the decision within one year of the date of denial.

Grant Procedure

  • Payment is made to the parent or guardian if the child has not yet reached the age of majority as established in their province or territory of residence;
  • Providers of goods or services may be paid directly.

Expense Requests

Parents/tutors/child beneficiary may be entitled to reimbursement of fees that have already been paid. Providers of goods or services may also receive direct payment for items they have provided.

To file a claim:

  1. Fill out an application form for reimbursement;
  2. Send the form with relevant documents to the e-mail address indicated in the letter of approval, making sure to include the child’s record number.

Contact Us

Does your child or the child in your care require access to health, social services or education resources?

Our liaison officers can answer your questions, provide you with funding and/or reimbursement application forms and help you complete them.

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