Nunavik travel

Instructions for travel to Nunavik from the South

Step 1: Travel authorization

For the purpose to allow us to assess your admissibility, fill out the questionnaire below once your flight has been reserved, at least 72 hours before departure:

An authorization to access the territory of Nunavik (NTAA/AATN) will be sent to you by email following the analysis of your questionnaire.

Step 2: Quarantine

Given that quarantine is the most effective method to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the obligation to quarantine applies to all travellers .1 Quarantine may be carried out in the South or in the North (or a combination of both). Quarantine must be for an uninterrupted period of 14 days, apart from the day of travel to Nunavik.

Step 3: Health Questionnaire and Covid-19 Testing

On the day of the flight, you will need to fill out a health questionnaire. People who have symptoms of COVID-19 and those who are in isolation after close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 will not be permitted to board.

Screening for COVID-19 before departure:

  • For flights departing from the Montréal-Trudeau Airport, advance screening is not required. The test may be performed at the airport. Plan on arriving at least two hours before your flight’s departure time. Proof of a negative result for a test performed at a designated testing center within 96 hours of departure is also accepted.
  • For flights departing from the Jean Lesage Airport in Québec City, no on-site screening for COVID-19 is available. You may visit a designated testing center in your region. Proof of a negative result for a COVID-19 test performed within 96 hours of departure must be presented.
  • For flights departing from the airport of La Grande-Rivière or Schefferville, if you cannot obtain a test before departure, visit the health centre of your community upon arrival on the Nunavik territory to be tested for COVID-19.

NEW: Additional Step Required

Note that a second Covid-19 test is now required for travellers coming from the South on the 7th day following their arrival.

For additional information:
For any other travel inter-community or North to South:

Ticket can be book via airline website or throught travel agencies.  There is no need to get a NTAA.


1 A critical worker whose absence would cause an interruption to an essential service may be authorized to work during his or her quarantine. The organization hiring a worker is responsible for providing instructions adapted to the work in question to minimize risks of transmission (e.g., distancing of two metres, use of a mask and visor, strict hand hygiene, self-monitoring of symptoms). Outside work hours, the critical worker must remain in quarantine.