World Diabetes Day

world diabetes day“Diabetes Affects All Families”

Did you know it is possible to prevent the majority of cases of type 2 diabetes and avoid deterioration of health while maintaining an improved quality of life, and this by adopting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging the creation of environments conducive to adoption of such behaviour? Daily physical activity, healthy nutrition, and reduced stress and anxiety are good examples.

World Diabetes Day (WDD) was created in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as a result of increasing concerns with the growing threat posed by diabetes to the organization of health services worldwide. World Diabetes Day is a campaign intended to serve as the global driver for diabetes prevention and the promotion of the setup of concrete measures and concerted actions jointly with the various partners to deal with diabetes. Since 2007, the blue circle has been the global symbol for diabetes awareness; it represents community solidarity in response to the growing problem of diabetes.

Organizing an interactive and fascinating activity is an excellent way to raise general interest in World Diabetes Day and to incite the community and families to participate. Further, the theme selected for this year is “Diabetes affects all families.”

Enclosed you will find various tools to help you promote World Diabetes Day, notably a document with examples of activities to organize, messages to convey over radio, on social networks and in the community, and a questionnaire on the risk factors for developing diabetes:

To support you in organizing activities for World Diabetes Day, funding of $1 000 is available for each community of Nunavik. The day’s activities may also be held later in the month.

To apply for funding, fill out the application form.

Below is a list of educational tools produced by the NRBHSS to facilitate support for Nunavimmiut in preventing diabetes and managing the disease:

For more information on funding possibilities, support in organizing your event or other questions, please contact:

Veronique Dion Roy
Prevention & Health Promotion Coordinator
(819) 964-2222, ext. 284

For more information:

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The International Diabetes Federation (IDF): International Diabetes Federation