Medication and pharmaceutical products

The Nunavik NIHB Program covers prescription drugs and certain over-the-counter medications available in pharmacies and administered in the home or other ambulatory setting.

The beneficiary or his/her guardian must present to the pharmacist the beneficiary card and a prescription issued by a physician or other health professional authorized under provincial law.


  • Some pharmacists are not familiar with the NIHB Nunavik program and may ask for the N Number; if you don't have an N number on your beneficiary card, ask the pharmacist to e-mail his or her submission to NIHB Nunavik at
  • The beneficiary or his/her guardian must ask the pharmacist to contact NIHB Nunavik in order to obtain an authorization indicating the applicable reimbursement after validation of the beneficiary's eligibility, the prescription and the pharmacist's submission.
  • The authorization issued by Nunavik NIHB will indicate the amount to be reimbursed directly to the pharmacist. In the event that the program does not cover the full amount, the beneficiary will be responsible for paying the difference to the pharmacist.