Nunavik regional clinical plan

Foster the physical and psychological health of Nunavimmiut

  • Redefine and reorganize health care in Nunavik according to Nunavimmiut values and vision.
  • Offer more care of good quality directly in the Nunavik communities.
  • Develop services for the Inuit by the Inuit.
  • Redefine and meet the needs of new health installations in Nunavik.
What are the steps?
  1. Take part in the changes by providing your opinion during surveys, interviews and discussion groups that will be organized to:
  • assess the health needs of Nunavimmiut (until 2040);
  • evaluate the care you receive and the care you would like to see offered on site in Nunavik.
  1. Define the needs for structures for the patriation of such new services to Nunavik.
  2. Submit the clinical plan to the board of directors and the MSSS.
The goal of the clinical plan is to establish a regional vision of the development of health and social services: your vision!