Nunavik Regional Clinical Plan

Improve the state of physical and psychosocial health of Nunavimmiut

  • To redefine and reorganize health care in Nunavik in accordance with Nunavimmiut values and vision
  • To provide more care of good quality and directly in the Nunavik communities
  • To develop services for Inuit and by Inuit
  • To redefine and meet the needs for new health-care installations in Nunavik
What is the Clinical Plan?

The Clinical Plan is a document that will be submitted to the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) for review and approval. The document’s objective is to define the need clearly, propose clinical solutions necessary to respond to the need and draft scenarios for infrastructures, which should enable supporting this clinical organization and responding to current needs as well as those for the 20 years after construction.

Steps of the Clinical Plan
  1. Nunavimmiut were invited to be part of the change: in the spring 2018, they had a chance to provide their opinion through a survey. Interviews were then held (spring 2019) and discussion groups set up (fall 2018 and winter 2019) in order to establish a more accurate profile. The goal was to:
    1. assess the health needs of Nunavimmiut (by 2040);
    2. evaluate current care and services and identify those to be provided on site, in Nunavik, in the coming years.
  2. Define a global service supply that is culturally safe and which will guide the deployment and patriation of care and services in Nunavik by 2040.
  3. Define the needs for infrastructures in order to support the deployment of this global service supply.
  4. After approval by the NRBHSS’ board of directors, submit the plan to the MSSS.
Useful Links
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