Open Space

What is Open Space Nunavik?

Open Space Nunavik (OSN) is based on the Aire Ouverte program in the south, an overall wellness and wellbeing program under development by the NRBHSS, targeting the prevention and promotion of mental, sexual and generalized health issues while also paying special attention to the educational and cultural needs of youth in Nunavik.

A service for young people aged 8 to 30 years old within the region of Nunavik.

Goal of Open Space Nunavik

Through activities organized in participation with youth, their families and various community partners, participants are invited to connect as a way of learning and strengthening community ties.

Each month, an activity week will be planned within a targeted community, focusing on ongoing social topics. Through activities such as workshops, sporting events as well as land- based activities, OSN’s goal is to provide a service where youth can feel involved and welcomed to share their views on their wellbeing and how best to address the ongoing issues in Nunavik that affect them.

Services and Activity Ideas

Open Space Nunavik is open to promote activities on social issues and topics such as:

  • Mental health (e.g. Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Eating disorders, etc.)
  • Sexual health (e.g. Workshops on healthy relationships, STBBIs, LGBTQ2S+ community, etc.)
  • Addiction and substance use
  • Suicide prevention and support
  • Cultural strengthening (land-based activities, sewing, beading, art, etc.)

How to Get Involved

Young people (aged 14- 30 years old) and community members interested in contributing to the project, along with anyone who has an idea for an activity week are invited to let us know by contacting the OSN email: