Prevention and Health Promotion

What is prevention and health promotion? This sector consists of all the actions undertaken to prevent the occurrence of an undesirable situation. In Nunavik, prevention and health promotion take concrete form through various approaches and activities.

Many public-health professionals are working at: 

  • designing public-health policies (e.g., anti-smoking);
  • creating environments favourable to health and healthy lifestyles (e.g., representations for access to fresh foods);
  • strengthening community actions (e.g., well-being committee);
  • reorienting health services (e.g., preventive counselling during clinical interventions);
  • developing individual skills (e.g., training on various health topics).

The following are the topics under which actions in prevention and health promotion are presently organized for Nunavimmiut: 

  • healthy eating;
  • food security;
  • youths and families;
  • smoking;
  • environments favourable to healthy lifestyles;
  • physically active lifestyles;
  • mental and psychosocial health;
  • diabetes prevention;
  • Healthy School program;
  • Nunavik Nutrition and Health Committe.

The Health Promotion Calendar highlights national and international events dedicated to different health promotion topics. The Prevention & Health Promotion Team can provide resources, promotional tools, and funding, to community partners who wish to hold local events or awareness campaigns on these themes. For more information about a specific event or topic, consult the Health Promotion Calendar Resources List.

If you wish to obtain funding for a project, fill out the form and return it to us. We will be pleased to review your application.