Child First Initiative

1-833-405-1234 (Microsoft appointment)

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

CFI Nunavik is the equivalent of Jordan's Principle and is aimed solely at Inuit children.


  • The mission of the Child First Initiative is to address the specific needs of Nunavik’s Inuit child beneficiaries living on and off territory, by financing culturally appropriate services and products related to education, health and social services, particularly when these are not available or accessible to them within a reasonable time.
  • In addition, we are committed to supporting partners in the development of concrete projects aimed at improving services.


  • The Child First Initiative is more than a source of funding for education, health and social services; it's a voice that shines a light on the particular service disparities faced by Inuit children. As long as these disparities persist, so will CFI have its purpose.


  • Child-centered
  • Tuned-in to the community
  • Collaborative
  • Authentic
  • Accountable