Puttautiit - The suicide-prevention conference

Puttautiit is Nunavik’s annual regional suicide-prevention and healing conference. Puttautiit mobilizes communities to address the complex issue of suicide, and proudly places Inuit expertise at the centre of the planning process and facilitation. The conference provides a safe and inclusive environment and strives to build participants’ capacity to survive and to prevent suicide.

The Roots of the Conference:

In 2010, through the Ilusiliriniqmi Pigutjiutini Qimirruniq clinical project process, suicide prevention was identified as a regional priority by the partners of the Nunavik health and social services network. The Regional Suicide Prevention Committee (RSPC) was then created to recommend services and actions that would help prevent suicide in the region. One recommendation was to launch an annual regional suicide-prevention and healing conference, by Inuit and for Inuit, inspired by the “Dialogue for life” conference in Montreal.

Puttautiit Events

Each year, Puttautiit takes place in a different community. A Local Puttautiit Organization committee determines the conference theme and activities. This is an occasion to mobilize members of the host community to work together in order to address the issue of suicide. The regional partners provide regular and ongoing support the local committee throughout the process.

  • October 21-26, 2018 in Kangiqsujuaq: Generations Standing Together
  • October 16-20, 2017 in Inukjuak: “Stepping Forward with Courage”
  • October 16-22, 2016 in Kuujjuaq: “Grieving and Healing”
  • October 5-10, 2015 in Puvirnituq: “First edition of Puttautiit”
Puttautiit at a Glance
  • The conference takes place over one week, and involves more than 100 people, including local and visiting participants, workshop facilitators, psycho-social supporters, and the organizing committee.
  • Each day during the conference, participants attend workshops on topics such as healing & grieving, cultural identity, training in suicide intervention, empowerment, and more.
  • Evening activities are often open to the whole community. These have included healing circles, story-telling, arts & crafts, music, self-care activities, a community feast, and more.
  • A team of Inuit psycho-social supporters is available 24/7 during the conference.
  • Local and regional organizations present the services and opportunities that exist to strengthen the well-being of Nunavimmiut.