Regular cervical cancer screening prevents cancer

Have you been screened for cervical cancer?

Illiap Paanganik Qaujisarniq officially began offering the human papillomavirus (HPV) test as a primary cervical cancer screening method to women in Kuujjuaq. This initiative, made in collaboration with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre, and the NRBHSS, is a participatory community-based project, guided by best practices as prioritized by members of the community.

For whom?

Women who are between the ages of 21 (or 25 for HPV) & 65.

  • The HPV-test detects whether an individual has an HPV infection
  • Can be self-collected
  • New & simpler

Contact your local CLSC to make an appointment for a screening!

          *** Available only in Kuujjuaq at the moment****